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The adaptive, engaging and social way of teaching.

We help educational institutions to improve their teaching while helping students achieve their learning goals.

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Brian is a learning platform for both learners and educators.
We help students to study and exchange knowledge in a playful manner…
…while offering educators meaningful insights.

What’s the added value?

Achieve higher student engagement

Gamification, quizzes, multiplayer, storytelling — and much more! — help our students engage. The results tell their own story: 97% of our students claim to have fun using Brian.

Studying with Brian is proven to enhance student exam success.

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Leverage social benefits

A social learning environment is a powerful educational tool: we learn better together. Discussing and debating course content leads to a more profound understanding of the subject matter.

Through a palette of knowledge sharing tools – such as discussion forums – Brian achieves better learning outcomes even without additional input from the educator.

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Unlock the power of learning analytics

By digitalizing the learning process, Brian collects insightful real-time data on how students learn.

Our learning analytics are used to provide all students with a customized learning experience and are made available to teachers to react to problems in real-time.

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How does
it work?


Educators upload content to Brian.

Teachers are invited to provide a basic layer of content. After all, they are the experts in their field. But if educators don't want to spend time on this, no problem. Brian can enrich the students’ learning process even without teacher input.


Students create content, study, and collaborate.

Brian’s design engages students to create and contribute to the social learning environment. By harvesting learners’ collective intelligence, Brian increases the quality of education while freeing up educator time.


Educators leverage learning analytics to optimize teaching.

Brian generates meaningful insights into the learning process, e.g., about the relative difficulty of certain topics and about levels of student comprehension. This data can be used to optimize classes and course structures in real-time.

Brian’s functionalities

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    10+ Question Types
    and Surveys

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    Learning Analytics

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    Real-time Tracking
    of Learning Goals

  • Seamless
    LTI Integration

  • Science-Based
    Learning Methods

  • Highest Data Privacy
    (DSGVO & GDPR)

  • IP of Teacher's Contents
    remain protected

  • Single Sign On



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Case Study

How the University of St. Gallen (HSG) engages its students to improve learning outcomes.

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"Geili Sieche, meh Kürs mache, I lieb Brian. Wooooh!"
"Big thank you guys! This app was a great idea and very useful for me :)"
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